It's time to Feed the Spirit of Indigenous Business across the Nation.

It's time to put some Indigenous Twists on reality TV in Canada with a new series coming to APTN this fall...

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Bears’ Lair is an exciting new reality TV series coming to APTN this fall.

Follow the journeys of diverse 18 Indigenous Entrepreneurs from across the nation as they pitch their plans to ‘The Bears’ – our panel of Indigenous business moguls – and Guest Judges to try to earn their share of $180,000 in prize money available during Season 1 of Bears’ Lair TV.

Meet the Bears - the Season 1 core panel of judges for Bears' Lair TV. Geena Jackson, Dave Tuccaro, Robert Louie and Tabatha Bull

There is work to be done to Feed the Spirit of Indigenous Business.

Join us on creating a shared path to Economic Reconciliation!

 Explore ways that you could support Bears’ Lair this year to elevate and empower Indigenous entrepreneurs across the nation.

Thank you to these Thunderbird Sponsors who appeared as Guest Judges on Season 1 of Bears' Lair TV!

We are honoured to recognize these leaders who shared their insights with our courageous Contestants competing on the first-ever season of #BearsLairTV.

Your individual and organizational support enables Bears' Lair to shine a spotlight on
emerging and established Indigenous entrepreneurs today who can inspire others to
find and follow their own path of self-reliance in the future.!

Thank you to these #ReconciliACTION Champions!

Your contributions support Season 1 of Bears' Lair TV and the wealth of information and inspiration we share through our Resource Den webinars, news and events throughout 2022.

Learn more about the organizations paving the path for others as Thunderbird, Copper and Abalone Level Sponsors for Bears' Lair!