Sponsoring Bears' Lair may be the most strategic investment decision you make this year.

Bear's Lair logo designed by shíshálh / Sechelt Nation artist Shain Jackson.

The leadership team at Bears’ Lair combines over 40 years of experience creating authentic connections to support Indigenous-led businesses and community development.  We understand: 

    • The challenges of designing and implementing an effective marketing mix. 
    • The importance of building trust to boost brand awareness and loyalty.
    • The benefits of expanding your understanding to earn positive publicity and extend your reach.
    • The rewards of creating – then continually nurturing – mutually beneficial relationships.

We also know that the path to Economic Reconciliation with thoughtful business decisions.

From purchasing and hiring decision to operational and revenue-sharing decisions, we seek to find ways to provide immediate, positive impacts for Indigenous Peoples on the path to shared prosperity.

The Bears’ Lair Infographic – 9 Reasons to Step Up as a Bears’ Lair Sponsor

This infographic summarizes a few reasons why individuals and organizations invest their marketing corporate giving and recruiting resources in Indigenous-led business development initiatives such as Bears’ Lair.  

Our multi-pronged marketing mix is designed to promote 3 interconnected elements of the Bears’ Lair platform…

      1. Our Resource Den webinars, workshops, social feeds and newsletter,  
      2. The national, primetime broadcast of Bears’ Lair TV this fall on APTN, and,
      3. Various community capacity building events such as networking sessions and Indigenous Youth Entrepreneur Dream Camp.

Our marketing mix ensures our Sponsors stay top of mind as #ReconciliACTION Champions throughout the year! 

Sponsor Infographic

Creating authentic connections is invaluable.

Bears’ Lair offers a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to lead the launch of new, exciting and innovative Indigenous business development initiative.

But… It’s more than just a TV series about Indigenous entrepreneurs by Indigenous entrepreneurs with Indigenous Judges as ‘The Bears.’

It’s about #Indigenomics – nurturing the community of people launching, supporting and expanding the economic power and prosperity of Indigenous individuals, their families and communities through responsible business decisions. 

It’s about creating connections between allies and advocates who will contribute to the Resource Den to share insights, expertise and experiences with others.

It’s about showcasing and supporting aspiring, emerging and established Indigenous business owners on their journey to self-reliances.

Bears’ Lair is about celebrating ReconciliACTION champions from all backgrounds who step up to ‘make shift happen’ by acting in ways that benefit others.


Invest Directly in Building Relationships That Matter


We will do our best to ensure that every sponsor receives on-going recognition throughout the year on multiple marketing channels.

Email our key team members at info(@)bearslairtv(dot)com or phone:

    • Kristin Kozuback, Marketing and Sponsorship Manager at 604-783-8304
    • Geena Jackson, Executive Producer, Bears’ Lair at 604-306-7736

Or just click the button below to email us today – let’s discuss Season 1 Sponsorship Opportunities!

We connect 'circles of circles' of contacts

We’ve all missed opportunities to connect in person with colleagues and community members… and many new contacts made through virtual meetings over the last few years!

As people slowly expand their circles of ‘in-person’ contacts  through 2022, we look forward to connecting again at select conferences, cultural events and community gatherings. 

We know the importance of continuing phone and online training, coaching and business development meetings to support people working for, working with, and working as entrepreneurs.

Let’s work together to grow our ‘circles of circles’ and #BearsLairCommunity to create and strengthen relationships that matter to Indigenous businesses and their communities. 

View & Download Bears' Lair Sponsor Packages

We want to make it simple for you to choose the most appropriate Bears’ Lair Sponsor package:

    • FULL Sponsor Opportunities & Marketing Mix (long) – Details and benefits for each of our Sponsor Opportunities plus info about ‘The Bears,’ our Show Synopsis & our ‘Indigenous Twists’.
    • BRIEF Visionary & Leadership Sponsor Options – Learn about our premiere Sponsor opportunities (Abalone, Copper & Thunderbird Packages)
    • ARCHIVED: Season 1 – Meet the Bears & Guest Judge Opportunities – We kept this info from February 2022 as our Guest Judge spots were filling up for Season 1… contact us NOW if you are inspired to secure your spot before we announce the Season 2 Guest Judge opportunities!

Email info@BearsLairTV.com for more details!

Why Sponsors Matter:
The Opportunities & Challenges

The Opportunities & Rewards

Bears’ Lair started as a FULLY self–funded project by Sparkly Frog Clan Productions, approved on the condition that we could attract corporate and organizational sponsors to support the projected pre-production, filming and post-production costs for the TV series. 

We know people are searching for authentic ways to engage more respectfully and effectively with Indigenous people, businesses and communities.  We understand that simply ‘checking the box’ for good social and corporate responsibility pales in comparison to making strategic investments that have both immediate, direct benefits for Indigenous businesses and longer-term, more meaningful impact on attitudes,  buying and hiring behaviours and leadership decisions.

With the significant ”edu-tainment appeal’ –  both educational + entertaining, we knew this Indigenous-focused TV business reality series offered significant benefits for our show contestants, sponsors, Judges, TV viewers and online audience.

    • Bears’ Lair TV will be featured on a primetime slot on APTN, Canada’s only national Indigenous broadcaster.
    • Our BearsLairTV.com website, Resource Den, social media channels and newsletter will connect, grow and inform the #BearsLairCommunity.
    • By the time the series airs on APTN in fall of 2022, we plan to have developed an innovative, robust ‘cross-media’ platform that will:
      1. Enable TV viewers and our online followers to comment on contestant pitches, Judges’ insights and weekly episodes.
      2. Enable #BearsLairCommunity members to vote online to award additional prizes to ‘runner-up’ contestants from each of the 8 ‘initial pitch’ episodes.
      3. Keep the #BearsLairCommunity informed, inspired and connected all year!

The Challenges & Risks

"Wow! Such a unique idea to put an Indigenous spin on business reality TV. It's so relevant, and we love that you're creating a crossover between TV and online audiences. But awarding cash disqualifies your production from our funding program. Sorry - but keep up the good work!

As with every new venture, we anticipated ‘unknowns,’ challenges and risks.  Yet three key challenges limited our ability to access grants and programs that typically support the development and production of Indigenous / Canadian television series (such as the Canada Media Fund and provincial film/TV grant programs).

    1. Our initial pitch was approved in August, well AFTER most grant application deadlines had closed.  We received APTN’s approval letter awarding Bears’ Lair a broadcast licence in August 2021, so the turnaround time to raise the development and production budget to get the show on air in spring 2022 season is almost half the typical project timeline. 
    2. Our website and communications plan is more complex – and more expensive – that what is typically approved for a ‘made-in-Canada’ TV series. 
    3. Our decision to have Judges and online viewers award $180,000 in total cash prizes to contestants disqualified us from most media funding programs.
      • The Bears and Guest Judges award $10,000 cash prizes to six episode winners.
      • On the Season 1 finale, one contestant will be awarded $100,000.
      • Then, we empower the #BearsLairCommunity to vote online to select 4 ‘runner-up’ winners to receive $5,000 each. We think it’s worthwhile to ‘redistribute the wealth’ directly to deserving, courageous entrepreneurs, so we must rely on sponsors to do it. 

That’s why every financial, technical, in-kind and human contribution helps us to build the Bears Lair platform and turn our dream into a reality that benefits others.  

To support our on-going work to ‘Feed the Spirit of Indigenous Business Across the Nation, email us at info@BearsLairTV.com or phone our CEO and Executive Producer for the show, Geena Jackson, at 604-306-7736 today!