A Reality Show with REAL Impact


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Then tune in and follow the journeys of 18 Indigenous business owners competing on the very first season of Bears’ Lair TV!

"It's time for an innovative reality TV series to shine a spotlight on the diversity, resiliency, and Spirit of Indigenous Businesses across the nation."

Geena Jackson (Tsetasyia)
Executive Producer, Bears Lair TV

How did we select the 18 Contestants for Season 1?

The 18 Indigenous entrepreneurs selected for Season 1 joined the Bears’ Lair TV team online for a ‘Meet & Greet’ webinar with our leadership team, first Coach, and TV series producers who shared ‘TV Show Appearance Tips.’ 

Challenging Mainstream Reality Competitions

The priorities of the world are shifting.

The Bears’ Lair TV crew knew that a reality TV series could help nurture authentic connections among and for Indigenous entrepreneurs.

We also recognize that most shows often focus on purely capitalist concepts that are literally foreign or frustrating to our community.

Here’s a few reasons that the Bears challenge the ‘other’ shark-like business shows that often celebrate only Western or capitalist/colonial values:

Respect from ‘The Bears’

Our Contestants WILL NOT have to:

Respect for their ‘Purpose’

Our Contestants WILL NOT be pressured to:

Want to be a Guest Judge on Season 2 of Bears' Lair TV?

Thunderbird Level Sponsors have an incredible opportunity to appear as a Guest Judge on Season 2 of the Bears’ Lair TV!

There are limited spaces to join us on stage! Interact with the Bears’ Lair TV crew, our Contestants, the core team Judges – ‘The Bears’ – and other CSR #ReconciliACTION champions who support us as Thunderbird Level sponsors. Join the excitement next year to help reward even more courageous Contestants pitching their plans to try to earn their share of prize money next season!

If you’re interested in joining The Bears as a Guest Judge on one episode of the next series,  email us immediately to discuss securing your spot with The Bears!