Paving a Shared Path to Prosperity

What happens when an Indigenous business woman dreams of a reality series with REAL impact?

In spring of 2021, Geena Jackson (shíshálh / Sechelt Nation member talked with a crew at the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network about her dream of creating a new TV reality series about Indigenous entrepreneurs. 

Showcasing their products, services and path to success would also shine a light on Indigenous values often woven into their business models…

.Creating local jobs, focusing on sustainability and responsible development, honouring Traditional Knowledge and practices, building community wealth… 

Geena knew it was time for a new, educational and inspirational new ‘Reality TV seres with REAL impact! 

Paving a shared path to prosperity bears lair

Empower & Elevate: Lead by Example

Geena Jackson Indigenous Woman preneur Bears' Lair
Geena Jackson, Sechelt/shíshálh Nation member

Sharing Indigenous Business Expertise

GEENA JACKSON is a member of the Frog Clan of the shíshálh (Sechelt) Nation on BC’s Sunshine Coast. She has over 20 years of business development success directly contributing to the growth of over 530 Indigenous entrepreneurs, organizations and First Nation communities.

As a successful ‘womanpreneur,’ she understands the challenges facing entrepreneurs. She knows the risks, rewards and work required to launch, stabilize and grow any successful venture.

Geena is inspired by the sense of accomplishment and pride that people feel when they succeed in turning their dream into reality.

She knows that every time an Indigenous entrepreneur creates a successful social enterprise or small business, many people benefit from their success. She knows that every time:

    • A young digital artist or jewelry maker earns extra money for their family,
    • A part-time caterer or bookkeeper fills a gap in a rural or remote area,
    • A trainer or consultant expands their client base to earn more revenue, or
    • An eco-tourism operator or construction contractor launches a company that local creates jobs….

…there are multiple direct and indirect social and economic benefits for the community – and the country.

Watch for @BearsLairTV this fall on APTN
~ The Voice of Indigenous People ~

The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network is the FIRST Indigenous National Broadcaster in the world.

The Aboriginal Peoples’ Television Network (APTN) has a strong reputation as a national broadcaster.  The network is recognized for:

  • Continually producing culturally-relevant, newsworthy content by Indigenous people about Indigenous people;
  • Winning multiple industry awards and recognition for championing Indigenous people, their perspectives and their voices.
  • Having established marketing platforms that could supplement our promotion of the series, our Contestants and supporters. 

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APTN demographics
As of 12-Nov-21

Finding the Perfect Combination:
People with Purpose

Indigenous Leadership

We are excited and proud to say that Bear’s Lair is:

 100% owned by an Indigenous business woman 

» Working with Indigenous media-makers to produce the show«

» led by core panel of Indigenous business moguls – ‘The Bears’ –  who volunteered their time and promotional support 

+ Indigenous Business Values

Indigenous entrepreneurs had thriving economies and trade routes for generations for thousands of years, long before the first Europeans reached our shores.r

The success of a leader was measured by how resources and wealth were redistributed across their community.  Shared prosperity meant sustainability and strength.


We strive to build on THAT knowledge and upnold those values. 

We strive honour the diversity of experiences, dreams and goals 

of entrepreneurial thinkers TODAY who have the courage to say:


It’s time to do business OUR way again.

It’s time to focus on balancing people, planet, profit and PURPOSE – so that everyone benefits in the future.
Learn more about our Values

+ Indigenous Activators

Individuals, companies and organizations in every sector of Canada’s economy have benefitted from working on the traditional territories of Indigenous Peoples.

Many individuals are working to ‘make SHIFT happen’ today by honouring the truths and teachings of the past…to create a more inclusive future.

We will strive to turn those allies into activators by inspiring actions that move us all along a national journey towards shared prosperity and Economic Reconciliation.

It’s time for ReconciliACTION.

The Power of Relationships to Shape the Future

Bears’ Lair is self-funded and 100% owned by Indigenous female entrepreneur Geena Jackson.  

With the support of a small, dedicated team and the generosity of visionary Sponsors who believed in her vision…the world will now see the diversity, strength and stories of 18 Indigenous entrepreneurs when @BearsLairTV premieres this fall on national, primetime TV on APTN.

Our next goal? To nurture that ‘Spirit of Entrepreneurship’ in 200 future leaders through Indigenous YOUTH Enrepreneur Dream Camps.

Don’t miss the opportunity to shape the future – review our new Sponsor Opportunities package. 

Our Vision: To Inspire ReconciliACTION

Oh Canada it's time for ReconciliACTION Spiritlink Communications

Turning the spirit of Reconciliation into ReconciliACTION

Our vision is that every individual is inspired into ReconciliACTION – that they make compassionate decisions and then take meaningful actions tp move our nation towards Reconciliation.

Within a business context, ReconciliACTION means that every leadership decision – from buying to hiring, training to mentoring, and marketing to investing – creates opportunities to build mutually-beneficial relationships and to elevate Indigenous businesses, communities, knowledge and values.

Join us on the journey to create a nation where every individual can reach their full potential and prosperity is more equally shared. Learn more about ReconciliACTION

Our Mission, Values & Guiding Principles

Indigenous entrepreneurs balance people purpose planet profie

Feed the Spirit of Indigenous Business

To work towards the Vision of economic Reconciliation, we will create and strengthen relationships that shape a dynamic, community-driven network of people, programs and resources to support Indigenous entrepreneurs at every stage of their business lifecycle.”

Honour Indigenous Teachings

We seek to honour and build on common threads of values woven into many Indigenous teachings – integrity, respect, equity, inclusiveness, openness, reciprocity, transparency, and accountability to the community and whole ecosystem – to work towards economic Reconciliation.

We will create collaborative, empowering and safe spaces for education and mentorship opportunities to inform and inspire Indigenous entrepreneurs.


We will honour the diversity and strengths of Indigenous entrepreneurs, business owners and our allies in inclusion who are striving to find a balance between honouring PEOPLE, respecting the PLANET and making a PROFIT to achieve a PURPOSE.  We believe that the cultural strengths, expertise and knowledge held within many Indigenous entrepreneurs and community members can help to shape a more inclusive and sustainability-focused world.


We action these values by following four guiding principles on Bears’ Lair:
1. Recognize differences, yet seek common ground.
2. Respect and celebrate diversity.
3. Promote co-opetition.
4. Incite ReconciliACTION.

Learn more about the Bears’ Lair Values and Guiding Principles and how we apply them in our work to “Feed the Spirit of Indigenous Business.”

Building the Bears' Lair Brand

Bears are known for being strong,
courageous & resilient.

Feeding 'The Spirit of Indigenous Business' by sharing a wealth of resources and inspiration in a Resource Den so Indigenous entrepreneurs can emerge to turn their ideas into actions.

We feel that many entrepreneurs are similar to BEARS –
especially Indigenous entrepreneurs.

  • Bears are often very independent, yet they will gather with others to feed and create life to sustain their family lines.
  • Bears are thoughtful and innovative creatures, learning to adapt to changing environments and survive extreme conditions.
  • In many Indigenous cultures around the world, bears are respected for their wisdom and ability to heal themselves and others.
  • Bears can be playful – yet when provoked, they will rise up and fight fiercely to protect their cubs and their territory.

Our logo includes a bear emerging from the safety of its den – also know as a bear’s lair.
This bear in motion signifies the brave entrepreneurs who take steps to turn their idea (lightbulb) into reality.

The colour & properties of copper
resonate with our brand.

coppersponsor horizontal Bears' Lair

We chose COPPER as our brand colour.

  • Its metallic properties resemble qualities of entrepreneurs – it’s valued for being rare and able to conduct energy and heat efficiently.
  • Copper also signifies wealth in many Indigenous communities often added as a beautiful accent to jewelry, art, house or totem poles & regalia pieces. 
  • Copper is malleable and flexible – it can be shaped into a breast plate or large shield awarded to a community leader or used in ceremonial purposes.

Copper Level Sponsors will be recognized as prestigious Bears’ Lair project contributors, second only to our top Thunderbird Level sponsors. 

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Value-driven work begins by acknowledging differences.

Spiritlink Communications shared this Venn diagram they use as a starting point in many Indigenous FUNdamentals workshops to:

    • Explore differences often seen between Western/Capitalist business models and Indigenous/Community-based business models.
    • Introduce language such as Co-opetition and ReconciliACTION.
    • Encourage people to seek common ground and focus on creating a ‘better-balanced business bottom line‘ that respects the 4 P’s: People, Planet, Profit and Purpose.

View a larger version of this diagram here.

100% Indigenous Owned
100% Focused on Nurturing Success

We Recognize, Respect & Learn From Diversity

Bears Lair Circles of Influence

We'll strive to create & strengthen meaningful relationships with individuals & organizations at every levels of community.

We’ll work to facilitate connections that support the success of Indigenous entrepreneurs. 

Bears Lair All Nations 4 directions

We will create collaborative, safe & empowering space to share & learn from others – regardless of their age, race, gender, beliefs or social status - so that everyone benefits.

We all have skills and knowledge to contribute to nurture innovation, community well-being and shared prosperity.

Bears Lair pulling together

We will help to pave a path for success by aligning & inspiring people to share resources & knowledge that can be accessed by everyone.

We will continue to secure sponsors, advisors & partners to help update our website, expand our team & create value for the community.