Paving a Shared Path to Prosperity


Geena Jackson is a member of the Frog Clan of the shíshálh (Sechelt) Nation on BC’s Sunshine Coast. She has over 20 years of business development success which has directly contributed to the growth of over 550 Indigenous entrepreneurs, organizations, and First Nation communities.

As a successful ‘womanpreneur’ she understands the challenges facing entrepreneurs. She knows the risks, rewards and work required to launch, stabilize and grow any successful venture.

The Bears' Lair TV Coaching Crew

Thank you to these Thunderbird-Level Sponsors who appeared as Guest Judges on Season 1 of Bears' Lair TV!

We are honoured to recognize these leaders who shared their insights with our courageous Contestants on the first-ever season of #BearsLairTV.

Your support enables Bears’ Lair TV to shine a spotlight on emerging and established Indigenous entrepreneurs who can inspire others to follow their own path of self-reliance in the future!


In spring of 2021, Geena spoke with a crew at APTN about her dream of creating a new TV reality series about Indigenous entrepreneurs. 

Showcasing their products, services, and path to success would also shine a light on Indigenous values often woven into their business models.

Geena knew it was time for a new, educational and inspirational new ‘Reality TV series with REAL impact!

Geena is inspired by the sense of accomplishment and pride that people feel when they succeed in turning their dream into reality.

She knows that every time an Indigenous entrepreneur creates a successful social enterprise or small business, many people benefit from their success. She knows that every time:

There are multiple direct and indirect social and economic benefits for the community – and the country.

What is the ‘Flow of the Show’?

Each 30-minute episode will feature brief background stories and inspiring ‘pitches’ of the 18 Contestants:

But the fun – and our wealth redistribution – doesn’t end after the Season Finale!

For 4 weeks after the season finale airs on APTN, the #BearsLairCommunity can vote to award 4 runners-up with $5,000 each.

Bear’s Lair TV winners will be required to do follow-up interviews to show our team and viewers how they used their prize money to ‘Make Shift Happen’ for their business and their community – so EVERYBODY wins!

We are excited and proud to say that Bear’s Lair is:

Indigenous Business Values

Indigenous entrepreneurs had thriving economies and trade routes for generations for thousands of years, long before the first Europeans reached our shores.

The success of a leader was measured by how resources and wealth were redistributed across their community. Shared prosperity meant sustainability and strength.

We strive to build on that knowledge and uphold those values.

Our Mission, Values & Guiding Principles


We will honour the diversity and strengths of Indigenous entrepreneurs, business owners and our allies in inclusion who are striving to find a balance between honouring PEOPLE, respecting the PLANET, and making a PROFIT to achieve a PURPOSE.  We believe that the cultural strengths, expertise, and knowledge held within many Indigenous entrepreneurs and community members can help to shape a more inclusive and sustainability-focused world.

OUR MISSION: Feed the Spirit of Indigenous Business

To work towards our Vision of economic Reconciliation, we will create and strengthen relationships that shape a dynamic, community-driven network of people, programs and resources to support Indigenous entrepreneurs at every stage of their business lifecycle.

OUR VISION: Inspire ReconciliACTION

Our vision is that every individual is inspired into ReconciliACTION – that they make compassionate decisions and then take meaningful actions that move our nation towards Reconciliation.

OUR VALUES: Honour Indigenous Teachings

We seek to honour and build on common threads of values woven into many Indigenous teachings – integrity, respect, equity, inclusiveness, openness, reciprocity, transparency, and accountability to the community and whole ecosystem – to work towards economic Reconciliation.

We will create collaborative, empowering and safe spaces for education and mentorship opportunities to inform and inspire Indigenous entrepreneurs.


We action these values by following four guiding principles on Bears’ Lair TV:

  1. Recognize differences, yet seek common ground.
  2. Respect and celebrate diversity.
  3. Promote co-opetition.
  4. Incite ReconciliACTION.

Value-driven work begins by acknowledging differences.

We’ll work to facilitate connections that support the success of Indigenous entrepreneurs. 

We will create collaborative, safe & empowering space to share & learn from others – regardless of their age, race, gender, beliefs or social status – so that everyone benefits.

We all have skills and knowledge to contribute to nurture innovation, community well-being and shared prosperity.

We will help to pave a path for success by aligning & inspiring people to share resources & knowledge that can be accessed by everyone.

We will continue to secure sponsors, advisors & partners to help update our website, expand our team & create value for the community.

The Bears' Lair TV Team