Season 1 of Bears' Lair TV is in post-production!
We shift our focus to launch the Bears' Lair Resource Den in summer 2022 to build community capacity before the series airs on APTN this fall!

The Bears' Lair Resource Den

Think about a calendar of free webinars, a speakers’ series, tech tools & tutorials. Think about Indigenous business success stories, notices about funding programs & procurement opportunities….

What can YOU share to help others?

Knowledge tastes best when shared!

There’s ‘essential ‘business nutrients’ that nourish the path to success.  Consider which technical, financial and human resource you might share to help others launch, sustain or grow your team & business….then contact us!

Email us to explore what YOU could contribute to the Bears’ Lair Resource Den 

What You'll Find in the Resource Den

Watch for a Community Calendar of Webinars

Many Indigenous entrepreneurs, allies & activators of Indigenous business have exciting initiatives, products & training programs that can support others on their own path to self-reliance. 

The Bears’ Lair Resource Den will be a dynamic, ever-growing library of inspiration & information.

Watch our Webinar Calendar launch in  April 2022 with topics such as our Season 1 Speakers’ Series, Sponsor Features & 12-minute Tips. 

Email us to explore ways to 

showcase YOUR work to help pave the path for others!

Watch for Tech Tools People Need to Succeed

Building digital literacy skills means using computers, software programs & the Internet safely & wisely.

Boosting confidence with computers, mobile devices & software has both personal & professional benefits. 

 We’ll compile templates, tutorials & tools from trusted partners & Bears’ Lair sponsors to help people develop some serious digital literacy skills! 

Got a favourite business tech video, tip or tutorial already? Let us know!

Watch for the Launch of Bears' Lair News

We’re gathering success stories, ideas & sponsors to shape Bears’ Lair News.

 Our secure, private & permission-based newsletter will keep everyone inspired  with stories from our Season 1 Cast & Contestants, sponsor announcements plus dates for webinars & workshops.

It’s time to amplify Indigenous voices & ventures as we prepare for the premier of Season 1 of Bears’ Lair TV this fall on APTN.

 Email us with YOUR ideas to consider to Feed the Spirit of Indigenous Business across the nation through Bears’ Lair News!

Our Mission: Feed the Spirit of Indigenous Business

To work towards our vision to 'Inspire ReconciliACTION,' we embrace this mission:

“To Feed the Spirit of Indigenous Business, we will

 create and strengthen relationships that shape a dynamic,
community-driven network of people, programs and

resources to support Indigenous entrepreneurs at every
stage of their business lifecycle.

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