Ryan Omeasoo

FighterFit AlthetiX Personal Training

About the Contestant

“Hi, I’m Ryan Omeasoo, founder and head coach at FighterFIT ATHLETIX. We specialize in fitness martial arts and we’ve been coaching clients for about 17 years and a personal trainer since 2010. Clients love the variety and intensity of our workouts online or in person.
Welcome to FighterFTIX, the ultimate resource for everything related to personal training online and in person! Our online fitness and healthcare program provides accurate and efficient guidance from your personal trainer, nutrition coach, physical therapist, and burpee specialist (just kidding). We are here to help you with any obstacle or difficulty that may come up in your life. With our Quality of Life (QOL) check-ins through our app messaging service and customized meal plan system, our service packages are unbeatable in providing comprehensive care while living an active lifestyle. There’s no need for travel time or long hours at the gym. With either option for in person or online. We are here to give you the best fitness experience.