Stay tuned as we post updates about each episode of Bears' Lair Season 1!

Bears’ Lair TV premieres this September on APTN.

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Watch for updates HERE as we launch Canada’s newest ‘Reality TV series with REAL impact!’ 

We are excited to showcase the diversity, values and strengths of Indigenous businesses across the nation, and we will keep you inspired with more content here, including in-depth interviews, background stories and news about:

    • The 18 Indigenous entrepreneurs competing on Season 1
      Learn more about these business owners brave enough to step into the spotlight on national TV!
    • ‘The Bears’ – our core panel of Indigenous business experts
      Gain valuable insights from the four Indigenous business experts who volunteered as advisors and core judges through Season 1 of our series.
    • The Guest Judges appearing on each episode
      See how these Indigenous business development champions from Thunderbird Level Sponsor organizations shaped our series and continue to lead by example to advance economic Reconciliation.
    • The ‘Cast and Crew’ of Bears’ Lair
      Hear from Bears’ Lair Coaches, members of our TV series production crew and our leadership team who create the stage for Indigenous businesses to shine!