Our mission at Bears' Lair is to make
ReconciliACTION simple.

We want individuals, families, companies, service providers and organizations of EVERY size, from EVERY background to consider how they may contribute directly to ‘Feeding the Spirit of Indigenous Business’ across the nation. 

We embrace the spirit of walking a shared journey towards Reconciliation – yet we think it’s time for actions that recognize and reward the diversity and resiliency of Indigenous entrepreneurs striving to balance what we call the quadruple bottom line balancing PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT and PURPOSE.  It’s time for ReconciliACTION.




Looking to improve your
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion outcomes?

 Do your business goals include finding
the right employees, project partners & suppliers?

Bears’ Lair offers a unique opportunity to showcase your products, services & steps you’re taking to
‘make shift happen’ for Indigenous businesses. 

Our Marketing team has a multi-pronged approach to leverage APTN’s national distribution channels. We know that everyone benefits from valuable connections.

Sponsorships That Matter

Visionary & Leadership Sponsor Opportunities

~ Thunderbird Level ~
Providing Indigenous Youth Dream Camp Experiences!

Thunderbird Level Sponsors receive all benefits of Copper Sponsors PLUS: 

  • Indigenous Youth Dream Camp Sponsor Opportunity to nurture the Spirit of Youth Entrepreneurship!
  • A Youth Dream Camp Experience Video
  • Recognition in press releases to APTN, media outlets plus video links on websites
  • Priority Sponsor Page Listing (Company name, linked logo, longer introduction)
  • Logo in homepage Leader Sponsor Scroll
  • Extra ‘Sponsor Feature’ LinkedIn articles
  • Top listing on all Bears’ Lair event signage throughout the year
  • 60-second clip in a Bears’ Lair Promo Video Reel & more! 

~ Copper Level ~ 
For Visionaries Committed to
Redistributing Wealth

Copper Level Sponsors receive all benefits of Abalone Sponsors PLUS:

    • 1 longer ‘Sponsor Feature’ LinkedIn Sponsor update article
    • Higher Sponsor Page Listing (Company name, linked logo, brief introduction)
    • Webinar co-hosting opportunity included
    • Top listing on all Bears’ Lair event signage throughout the year
    • Name & logo in Leader Sponsor Scrolls
    • 30-second clip in a Bears’ Lair Promo Video Reel. 

~ Abalone Level ~ 
For Leaders to Inspire
& Empower Others

Abalone Level Sponsors receive all benefits of Community Champion Sponsors PLUS:

    • Name in 1 press release to APTN + media outlets
    • 1  social media ‘Sponsor Feature’ post in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
    • Name in monthly LinkedIn Sponsor update article
    • Basic Sponsor Page Listing (Company name & linked logo)
    • Opportunity to co-host webinars for $500
    • Name in Leader Sponsor Scrolls
    • Basic Event & Video Reel Promotions.

The Bears' Lair Marketing Mix

Our Bears’ Lair Marketing Mix ensures you receive more benefits than simply recognition as corporate change-makers & socially responsible citizens supporting Indigenous entrepreneurship.

We know that business moves at the speed of trust, so we'll keep you top of mind with various communication tools to build your brand as an ally & activator supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs, the families & the communities they represent.

As we move through 2022 developing Season 1 of the Bears Lair TV Series, our Resource Den and various community events,  Sponsors contribute directly to:

  • Indigenous business development activities - webinars, speakers' series and training programs.
  • Prizes and money awarded to Indigenous entrepreneur contestants and Youth Dream Camp participants
  • The on-going work of the Indigenous-owned media company (Sparkly Frog Clan Productions) and our TV series producers (Mosaic Entertainment) plus the Indigenous musicians, graphic artists and crew to build and nurture the #BearsLairCommunity

Learn more about details of each Sponsor Package and our Marketing Mix, below!

Contribute now to a Reality Show & Resource Den with REAL Impact!

It's more than just demonstrating 'good corporate and social responsibility'...it's about showcasing the diversity and resiliency of Indigenous entrepreneurs

In addition to knowing that all contributions helped the Bear’s Lair team to:

    • Launch the first-ever national reality TV series about Indigenous entrepreneurs!
    • Develop a platform to nurture on-going business development & relationships that matter.
    • Celebrate and reward Indigenous entrepreneurs featured on the show and Resource Den.

…the Bears’ Lair team will work hard to ensure you stay top of mind as a champion for ReconciliACTION all year.

All sponsors receive, at a minimum:

    1. WEBSITE RECOGNITION – Your name or company listing on our Sponsor page.
    2. NEWSLETTER & SOCIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS – Recognition for your contribution in Bears’ Lair News and social media blasts on multiple channels.
    3. RESULTS, INSIGHTS & KPI’s – Quarterly summaries of marketing results (Bears’ Lair website analytics, social media reports, etc.). When the series airs on APTN, we will request then share audience/viewer data to share, too!

To us, it’s all about accountability, transparency and appreciation for the contributions sponsors make to support the #BearsLairCommunity.

Bears' Lair is honoured to be featured on primetime TV on the world's First Indigenous National Network - the Aboriginal People's Television Network (APTN)

Our sponsor recognition plan will use multiple social media channels, newsletter & PR campaigns, dynamic website features & ties to various promotional activities by APTN.


Learn more about APTN & their ability to drive TV viewers & online followers to BearsLairTV.com & our Sponsor pages.  

We recognize that diversity matters.

Everything we do is designed to boost brand awareness of our ReconciliACTION champions from EVERY Nation who step up to support Bears’ Lair and our community.

We will leverage our extensive contact lists developed through decades of building relationships to ensure people know that YOU cared to invest strategically this year to Feed the Spirit of Indigenous Business across the nation.

We know Nations talk.

Sponsors get the benefits of our extensive professional network and APTN’s extensive marketing channels that will redirect their national audience to our website. 

The Bears’ Lair team will be providing APTN with updates throughout the year, plus targeted campaigns of:

    • Teasers during the filming of the Bears’ Lair TV series (spring of 2022).
    • A promotional push leading up to 9 weekly episodes to be broadcast on primetime TV (proposed fall of 2022).
    • Follow-up stories:
        • After the Season 1 Finale winner of $100,000 is announced.
        • After #BearsLairCommunity votes to reward 4 runner-ups with $5,000 each!
  • Together, we’ll take great effort to recognize & reward ROLE MODELS, ALLIES & ACTIVATORS who step up as sponsors to help us INSPIRE & SUPPORT Indigenous people on their path to self-reliance.

Find more info about Bears' Lair Sponsorship Opportunities

Please review the documents below to choose the most appropriate Sponsor Package and find more details about:

    • Visionary & Leadership Sponsor Options – Learn about the range of year-long benefits offered to top-level sponsors through our Abalone, Copper & Thunderbird Packages (including the opportunity to join our panel of ‘Bears’ as a Guest Judges on one episode of Bears’ Lair TV on APTN!
    • Community Champions Sponsor Options – Learn about our Sweetgrass, Sage & Cedar Sponsor Packages designed to enable everyone to step up and take #ReconciliACTION to support Indigenous entrepreneurs this year.
    • The Bears’ Lair Full Sponsor Package (long, but worth the read!) – Find all details about our Sponsor Opportunities, our core Judges, the Show Synopsis & our ‘Indigenous Twists’ on Reality TV. 


APTN is the the world’s first national Indigenous broadcaster! and trusted source for Indigenous news, culturally-relevant content and educational shows for ANYONE seeking authentic learning and engagement opportunities.

APTN also gives us multiple media paths to connect directly with the fastest growing demographic in Canada – Indigenous Youth (growing at a rate 4X faster than other groups, as of the 2016 Census data).

Don’t miss the opportunity to align with APTN through Bears’ Lair!