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Our mission at Bears' Lair TV is to make ReconciliACTION simple.

We want individuals, families, and organizations from EVERY background to consider how they may directly Feed the Spirit of Indigenous Business across the nation. 

We embrace the spirit of a shared journey towards Reconciliation – yet we think it’s time for actions that recognize and reward the diversity and resiliency of Indigenous entrepreneurs striving to balance what we call the Quadruple Bottom Line: PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT, and PURPOSE.  It’s time for ReconciliACTION.

9 Reasons To Get Involved

1. Lead Generation

Connect with new customers, investors & project partners seeking socially-responsible, progressive organizations.

2. Attract the RIGHT People

Looking for new Indigenous student interns, employees, managers or Directors? It takes time to build trust – we can help make connections that matter!

3. Establish Your Leadership Role

Need to promote or update your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives? We’ll help to showcase the important work you’re doing to make SHIFT happen!

4. BETTER Brand Awareness

There’s no better way to align & associate your products, services & company with Indigenous business values & shared prosperity!

5. Stand Out From Your Competition

We offer the simplest way to get an ‘ethical edge’ over your competitors.. we’ll keep you top-of-mind through posts, newsletters, & Sponsor scrolls

6. Expand Your Audience Reach

Our primetime placement on national TV through APTN will drive THEIR audience to OUR site to find YOUR business info… Plus, Bears’ Lair TV Contestants will be encouraged to post stories to THEIR networks, share, tag & like our Sponsors posts… now that’s ‘organic’ exposure!

7. Valuable Media Exposure

Press releases by APTN & our team to national and regional media network contacts will drive attention your way… in a good way!

8. Environmental & Economic Perks

EVERYONE benefits when Indigenous businesses address supply chain gaps, improve food security & create jobs for locals.

9. Reality TV has Rising Ratings

This is a unique opportunity to benefit from reality TV popularity with a new series on Canada’s national Indigenous network, APTN!

Visionary & Leadership Sponsor Opportunities

Thunderbird Level

Providing Indigenous Youth Dream Camp Experiences!

8 Youth Dream Camp Opportunities

$25,000 Investment

Thunderbird Level Sponsors receive all benefits of Copper Sponsors PLUS:

Copper Level

For Visionaries Committed to Redistributing Wealth

16 packages available

$10,000 investment

Copper Level Sponsors receive all benefits of Abalone Sponsors PLUS:

Abalone Level

For Leaders to Inspire & Empower Others

16 Packages Available

$5,000 Investment

Abalone Level Sponsors receive all benefits of Community Champion Sponsors PLUS:

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Creator and Executive Producer

Caitlin Dyck

Executive Assistant


Dreamcamp Manager

The Bears’ Lair TV Marketing Mix

Our Bears’ Lair TV Marketing Mix ensures you receive more benefits than simply recognition as corporate change-makers & socially responsible citizens supporting Indigenous entrepreneurship.


We use multiple channels & 'touch points'

We know that business moves at the speed of trust, so we’ll keep you top of mind with various communication tools to build your brand as an ally & activator supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs, the families, and the communities they represent.


Yes, directly supporting Indigenous businesses is ReconciliACTION.

As we move through 2022 developing Season 1 of Bears’ Lair TV, our Resource Den and various community events,  sponsors contribute directly to:

ALL Bears’ Lair TV Sponsors will be recognized in various ways through:

APTN Viewership Info Section (Real Impact)

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